Writer Who Died In February 1837? (Perfect answer)

Alexander Pushkin
Born 26 May 1799 Moscow, Russian Empire
Died 29 January 1837 (aged 37) Saint Petersburg, Russian Empire
Occupation Poet, novelist, playwright
Language Russian, French


  • Feb 13 In the year 1837 death of mariano José de Larra, Spanish journalist and writer (b. 1809 Feb 19 On this day in history death of georg Büchner, German playwright (b. 1813) Mar 13 Nikita P Panin, Russian diplomat/min of Foreign affairs, dies at 66 in the year 1837. Mar 26 In the year 1837 joseph Lincke, composer, dies at 53

Who died in 1837?

People who died in the year 1837. D

  • Richard Dacres (Royal Navy officer)
  • Ferdinand Dalberg-Acton.
  • Charles-Marie Denys de Damrémont.
  • William Daniell.
  • Christian Adam Dann.
  • Thomas Davis (chief)
  • Marc Dax.
  • Étienne de Joly.

What is Alexander Pushkin famous for?

1. He created the modern Russian language. Alexander Pushkin (1799-1837) is rightly considered to be the founding father of the modern Russian language. He rejected the high-blown style of classic Russian poetry, breaking down the barrier between colloquial speech and the elevated odes of the past.

Where did Pushkin die?

The collapse of the rising had been a grievous experience for Pushkin, whose heart was wholly with the “guilty” Decembrists, five of whom had been executed, while others were exiled to forced labour in Siberia.

Did Pushkin write in French?

Pushkin grew up in an aristocratic family, and he, too, was educated in French (and in fact, his first poems were in French). However, he spent a lot of time among common people too, and Russian was their language. Petersburg apartment, which is now a museum, has over 4,500 books in 14 languages.

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Who wrote the Russian language?

The first grammar of the Russian language was written by Vasily Adodurov in the 1740s, and a more influential one by Mikhail Lomonosov in 1755.

How many languages did Alexander Pushkin speak?

He had a talent for languages Naturally, he was also a master of the Russian language, which is evident from his works. But on top of those two, Pushkin spoke a total of ten languages. His linguistic abilities are also evident from the library he had in his St Petersburg apartment – over 4,500 books in 14 languages.

Which Russian writer died in a duel?

Both Pushkin, Russia’s greatest poet, and Lermontov, who ran him a close second, were killed in duels. Pushkin was thirty-seven when he died in 1837, Lermontov ten years younger when he was killed in 1841.

Why was Pushkin killed?

Pushkin and his wife met George D’Anthès in 1834. Although it was never proven that Natalya, who had also flirted with Tsar Nicholas, had been unfaithful, the inevitable duel took place on the afternoon of 27 January 1837 and Pushkin was killed.

What happened to Pushkin’s wife?

Natalia died on 26 November 1863 and her ashes were laid in the cemetery of the Alexander Nevsky Lavra.

Who was Pushkin’s wife?

When he was 12 he went to a new school called the Imperial Lyceum at Tsarskoye Selo. Years later this school was renamed Pushkin after their famous pupil. He soon started writing romantic poems in Russian using Russian tales of heroes and adventures.

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