Who Is Considered The Best Comic Book Writer Currently?

Best Comic Book Writer of 2020

  • Best Comic Book Writer of 2020: Ram V.
  • Saladin Ahmed (Spider-Man: Miles Morales, The Magnificent Ms.
  • Tom Taylor (DCeased 2: Dead Earth, Suicide Squad, Injustice: Year Zero)
  • James Tynion IV (Batman, Something Is Killing the Children, Department of Truth)

Who is the best comic book writer of all time?

  • The Best Comic Book Writers of All Time 1. Alan Moore 2. Jack Kirby and Stan Lee (The Manly) (With a nod to Steve Ditko ) 3. Grant Morrison 4. Neil Gaiman

Who is the best comic book writer?

The 10 Most Influential Comic Book Writers Of All Time

  • Alan Moore.
  • Mark Millar.
  • John Byrne.
  • Grant Morrison.
  • Brian Michael Bendis.
  • Jim Shooter.
  • Neil Gaiman.
  • Todd McFarlane. While lauded for his drawing ability, Todd McFarlane is also a great writer and imaginative force in the world of comic books.

What is the best comic book right now?

Top Current Comic Book Series

  1. Once & Future. 9.3. 14 Reviews.
  2. The Good Asian. 9.3. 14 Reviews.
  3. The Nice House on the Lake. 9.2. 25 Reviews.
  4. The Me You Love in the Dark. 9.2. 21 Reviews.
  5. Icon & Rocket (2021) 9.0. 14 Reviews.
  6. Swamp Thing (2021) 8.9. 30 Reviews.
  7. Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow. 8.8. 30 Reviews.
  8. We Have Demons. 8.8. 28 Reviews.

Who is the best comic artist in the world?

1 Jack Kirby Is The King Of Comic Book Artistry Jack Kirby is often cited as the King of Comics, an honor that is well deserved. As a self-taught creator, his imagination is often unprecedented. He either created or co-created many classic characters, especially at Marvel and DC.

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Who is the best Marvel writer?

10 Most Legendary Writers Who Wrote Comics For Both Marvel & DC

  • 8 John Byrne.
  • 7 Jack Kirby.
  • 6 Kelly Sue DeConnick.
  • 5 Scott Snyder.
  • 4 Chris Claremont.
  • 3 Gail Simone.
  • 2 Mark Waid.
  • 1 Grant Morrison.

Who has created the most comic book characters?

Above and below you’re reading a list of the most notable comic book heroes / characters Stan Lee created. For the full list, head to Wikipedia and the full list of well over 300 characters, all attributed to Stan Lee in one way or another. He was a prolific sort of guy.

What comics are hot right now?

Without further delay, this month’s hot 25 comics!

  • Amazing Spider-man 361 from 1992 first appearance of Carnage $300.00.
  • Batman 89 from 2020 first appearance of Punchline $55.
  • Batman the Long Halloween 1 from 1996 $75.
  • Batman Vengeance of Bane 1 from 1993 first Bane $100.

Are comics still popular 2021?

Over a decade later, in 2021, comics are still pop culture heavyweights — and it’s hardly exclusive to literature.

What comics should I read in 2021?

The Best Comics of 2021 (So Far)

  • Asadora (Viz Media) (Photo: Viz Media)
  • Barbalien: Red Planet (Dark Horse) (Photo: Dark Horse Comics)
  • Beta Ray Bill (Marvel)
  • Black Widow (Marvel)
  • Chainsaw Man (Viz Media)
  • Future State: Dark Detective (DC)
  • Future State: Kara Zor-El: Superwoman (DC)
  • Heaven No Hell (Drawn & Quarterly)

Who is the best DC artist?

Batman: The Best Artists Of The Modern Age, Ranked

  1. 1 Greg Capullo. Greg Capullo has had long, critical runs on titles like X-Force and Spawn.
  2. 2 Jim Lee. Jim Lee makes history wherever he goes, and that was true with Batman.
  3. 3 Frank Miller.
  4. 4 David Mazzucchelli.
  5. 5 Kelley Jones.
  6. 6 Mike Mignola.
  7. 7 Bruce Timm.
  8. 8 Frank Quitely.
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Is Alex Ross the best comic artist?

For several decades, Ross has been a fixture of the comic world as one of the premier artists known for his incredibly realistic depictions of universes beyond those of just Marvel and DC. Most of Ross’ best work, however, no doubt comes from his time with the two comic book powerhouses.

What comics did Stan Lee write?

Stan Lee co-created Iron Man, the Hulk, the X-Men, and other Marvel Comics superheroes who’ve thrilled movie audiences and become pop-culture icons.

Who wrote the DC Comics?

The man who started it all, the man who created DC Comics, was Major Malcolm Wheeler-Nicholson. He was was also a superhero in his own way as part of the U.S. Army during World War I.

What is famous Marvel or DC?

A new fan poll reveals the world’s most popular superhero universe is Marvel, but DC has earned high marks for their characters and world as well. Marvel has been vastly more successful and more popular as a whole than DC for 50 years.

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