What American Writer Inspired Yeats To Write The Lake Isle Of Innisfree? (Solution)

In his autobiography, Yeats writes that his poem was influenced by his reading of American writer Henry David Thoreau’s Walden(1854), which describes Thoreau’s experiment of living alone in a small hut in the woods on Walden Pond, outside Concord, Massachusetts.

When was the Lake Isle of Innisfree written?

  • The Lake Isle of Innisfree was written in 1890 and first published in the National Observer. Innisfree is an island near his native place Sligo (Ireland) where W. B. Yeats had thought of retiring to steep his troubled mind in the solitude of nature, like the American writer Thoreau whose Walden was the chief inspiration behind this romantic dream.

What inspired The Lake Isle of Innisfree?

Innisfree is an uninhabited island within Lough Gill, in Ireland, near which Yeats spent his summers as a child. Yeats describes the inspiration for the poem coming from a “sudden” memory of his childhood while walking down Fleet Street in London in 1888.

What inspired Yeats poetry?

Yeats began by writing epic poems such as The Isle of Statues and The Wanderings of Oisin. Yeats’s later work found new imaginative inspiration in the mystical system he began to work out for himself under the influence of spiritualism. In many ways, this poetry is a return to the vision of his earlier work.

Who is the writer of the poem The Lake of Innisfree?

William Butler Yeats wrote “The Lake Isle of Innisfree,” one of his most famous and widely-anthologized works, in 1888. The poem gets its title from a very small, uninhabited island that sits in Lough Gill, a lake in Yeats’s home county of Sligo, Ireland.

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Which Glacier inspired a poem by WB Yeats?

Dorney Rock stands on one side of the path. It is 20 feet high and dates back 10,000 years when glaciers formed the area. Some scholars say the rock inspired Yeats’ poem “Fiddler of Dorney… who danced like a wave on the sea” on the banks of Lough Gill.

What famous transcendentalist does Yeats allude to in The Lake Isle of Innisfree?

The imagery in the first stanza alludes to the life that Thoreau made for himself at Walden Pond. It is not only the kind of life that Thoreau lived, however, that Yeats is drawn to but also the kind of person Thoreau was.

What language did Yeats originally write in?

Yeats originally use English Language.

What did Yeats write?

Some of his important later works include The Wild Swans at Coole (1917), A Vision (1925), The Tower (1928) and Words for Music Perhaps and Other Poems (1932). Yeats passed away on January 28, 1939, in Roquebrune-Cap-Martin, France.

Did William Butler Yeats fight in ww1?

Answer and Explanation: William Butler Yeats did not fight in any war. Despite living through World War One he did not write much about war either; two notable exceptions are his poems “On being asked for a War Poem” and “An Irish Airman Foresees His Death”.

How has the poet WB Yeats described Lake Innisfree?

The poet describes lake Innisfree as a place full of the bounties of nature. He sees the cloudy sky, the shimmering stars in the night sky, the purplish glow of the afternoon Sun and the linnet bird flying in the evening sky. The sound of the cricket’s song is also pleasing to him.

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What is the message of the poem The Lake Isle of Innisfree?

The message of the poem The Lake Isle of Innisfree is that city life is full of misery, restlessness, pollution and ugliness. In the poem, the poet desires to escape from city life to the peaceful environment of Innisfree.

What is the meaning of the word isle in the poem The Lake Isle of Innisfree?

By- W.B. Yeats Important Word-Meanings of difficult words from the lesson- THE LAKE ISLE OF INNISFREE. Word-meanings: Innisfree = the name of an Island = द्वीप; Isle = Island = टापू; clay = mud = मिट्टी /गारा; wattles = twisted/sticks = डंडे /लकड़ियाँ; glade = open space = खुला मैदान ।

What concept does WB Yeats seem to celebrate in The Lake Isle of Innisfree?

Most readers agree that the persona in William Butler Yeats’ “The Lake Isle of Innisfree” is longing for and celebrating his mental return to a bucolic setting, despite his physical presence in a modern city.

Why does the poet wish to Innisfree?

Answer: The poet wants to go to Innisfree to enjoy its natural beauty. Its morning, noon and evening are different from the cities where high-rise buildings touch the sky. He hears the pleasing sound of birds and gets peace of mind.

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