How To Remove Page Border In Openoffice Writer? (Correct answer)

  • In the page title bar Go to Tools Options which opens the Options Window Click on the plus sign of which opens the drop down list. In the list click on ‘Appearance’ and to the right of the window un tick ‘Text boundaries’ Click ‘OK’ at the bottom of the window.

How do I remove borders in OpenOffice writer?

Try /Tools /Options /OpenOffice: Appearance and uncheck Text Boundaries under the General section. In /Format /Page /Borders try clicking on the leftmost icon under “Line arrangement “; if you hover over it it should popup “Set no borders”. Then press OK.

How do I get rid of the GREY lines in open office?

Are you referring to the faint grey outline that delineates the text area on each page? /Tools /Options /OpenOffice /Appearance (different path on a Mac), uncheck “Text boundaries” will remove this.

How do I change the border in OpenOffice?

How are thick lines or borders created around my cells?

  1. Select the cells where you wish to apply a border.
  2. Select Format → Cells… from the main menu.
  3. Click on the Borders tab.
  4. In the Line Arrangement section, under Default, click on the icon that best shows the style of border you wish to use, or.

Where is Border option in Open Office?

Launch OpenOffice Writer and open a document. Click “Format, ” click “Paragraph” and then click “Borders.”

What is the GREY line in Word?

Re: grey horizontal lines appearing in writer document They are section boundaries. You can see the four sections in the Navigator, or if you do Format > Section.

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What is this gray line on word?

The line you’re seeing across the page is a paragraph border that Word has automatically inserted using AutoFormat. To get rid of it: Place your cursor into the paragraph immediately preceding the line.

What are borders in writer?

Borders enable a reader to easily read each cell in a document or spreadsheet by making it clear where the boundaries of each cell are. Depending on the OpenOffice program you are using, such as Writer or Calc, the method to insert a border differs.

How do you put a border on a writer?

When in Writer: To modify the border of an entire table, place the cursor in a table cell, right-click, choose Table, and then click the Borders tab. To modify the border of a table cell, select the cell, right-click, choose Table, and then click the Borders tab.

Which of the following style is used to change the line spacing and borders in OpenOffice writer?

Paragraph styles control all aspects of a paragraph’s appearance, such as text alignment, tab stops, line spacing, borders, and character formatting.

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