How To Create A Writer Profile On Amazon? (Solved)

How to create an author profile on Amazon?

  • Amazon will send an email to your Amazon account to complete the account creation process. Once done, move on to the next steps. Go to Author profile customization page, and the very first thing you should do is to claim your Author page URL. Similarly, fill up all other sections like Biography, Blogs, Events, Photos, and videos.

How do you write a writer’s profile?

Author bio guidelines include:

  1. Keep it brief.
  2. Use a third-person voice.
  3. Start with a one-liner.
  4. Sell yourself.
  5. List achievements sparingly.
  6. Include some personal tidbits.
  7. Use a professional photo.

How do I change my author’s bio on Amazon?

How to edit my author biography. The easiest option to edit from your Amazon Author Central is your biography. Simply select edit biography and make any changes in the pop-up window. Then, select preview biography in the bottom right of the pop-up, review your changes, and hit save biography.

How do I set up a pen name on Amazon?

You log into your KDP Publisher’s Account, go to your Bookshelf, and then “Add New Title.” Then, you’ll click “Add Contributors.” In that section, you’ll type the Kindle publishing pseudonym that you’ve chosen, as the Author. (See image). Simply by doing that, you’ve created your Amazon self publishing pseudonym.

How do you introduce yourself as an author?

How to Confidently Introduce Yourself and Your Abilities

  1. State your name and your craft. “Hi, I’m Marianne, and I’m a children’s book writer and illustrator.”
  2. Tell people about your current audience.
  3. Add a thought or two on how you hope to grow in your chosen area.
  4. Stifle the critic in your head.
  5. Revel in it.
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How do you write a profile about yourself example?

I am flexible, reliable and possess excellent time keeping skills. I am an enthusiastic, self-motivated, reliable, responsible and hard working person. I am a mature team worker and adaptable to all challenging situations. I am able to work well both in a team environment as well as using own initiative.

Is Amazon Author Central free?

Author Central is the free page that Amazon provides to every published author whose books have ISBNs. It is a very successful marketing tool for those who want to sell their books.

How do I set up an Amazon KDP author page?

Get started

  1. In KDP, go to the Marketing page.
  2. In the Author Central section, choose the marketplace where you’d like to create your Author Page from the drop-down menu.
  3. Click Manage author page.
  4. You’ll be redirected to Author Central. Click Join for free and use your KDP account information to sign up.

How do I share my Amazon author page?

Here is how to connect your blog feed to your Amazon Author Page:

  1. Sign in to your Amazon Author Page.
  2. Select “Blogs.”
  3. On the Author Page tab, click “Add blog.”
  4. Enter the RSS address for your blog, then select “Add.”

How many pen names can you have on Amazon?

Once Amazon has verified the name belongs to you, it will be listed from now on as part of a drop-down list in the upper right of Amazon Author Central. As mentioned before, you can do this for seven pen names per Amazon Author Central profiles.

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How do you write a book and sell it on Amazon?

Sell Books On Amazon In 4 Easy Steps

  1. Step 1: Make your book. Use our layout tools or upload a PDF.
  2. Step 2: Create your listing. Choose a book from your dashboard, and click ‘Sell my book’.
  3. Step 3: Set your price. For your chosen book, set your price under the Sell & Distribute tab for the listing.
  4. Step 4: Promote your book.

What is a KDP author?

What is Kindle Direct Publishing? Kindle Direct Publishing, or KDP, is Amazon’s self-publishing platform that allows authors to sell their books to Amazon’s massive audience —without the hassle of going through a traditional publishing company.

Do I need to put my real name on Amazon?

If you do not have a credit card on file with, you cannot claim a Real Name™ attribution. Advantage: Posting content using your real-world identity can “potentially increase your reputation in the community”, Amazon say.

Is using a pen name legal?

Are pen names legal? Yes, an author can legally use a pen name or pseudonym to publish their intellectual property. Pen names are legal, as long as you have purchased the rights to your pen name, and have copyrighted your name.

Do I have to use my real name on KDP?

Yes, you can publish on Amazon with a pseudonym, to preserve your identity, for whatever reason. You can do the same… KDP — as the name suggests — is a platform for self-publishing. As the publisher of the works you upload there, you need to register under your actual identity to remain compliant.

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