How Do I Hire A Good Content Writer For A Technology Blog? (Solution)

What is the job of a content writer?

  • The roles and responsibilities of a content writer vary, based on your needs. Generally, content writer job responsibilities include writing and editing content; pitching content ideas; researching content and interviewing sources.

How much does it cost to hire a content writer?

Many Australian copywriters charge an hourly rate but more often copywriters charge a fixed rate for the entire project. Hourly rates range from $70–$100 per hour for new and junior copywriters, $100–$130 per hour for mid-level copywriters and top level copywriter can demand $130–$240 per hour.

How much does it cost to hire a blog writer?

If you look at a freelance writer site like Upwork, the average cost for a blog writer per hour is between $35 to $150 per hour. If you are looking to hire a blogger by the hour, then be sure to have ask for an estimate for each article they write.

How do I hire a good content writer?

How To Hire Professional Content Writers

  1. Set Your Goals. New startups and entrepreneurs often rush into hiring freelancers without a plan in mind.
  2. Fix a Budget.
  3. Choose a Freelance Websites.
  4. Adaptability.
  5. SEO understanding.
  6. Research skills.
  7. Communication.
  8. Editing.

Can I hire writers for my blog?

You can’t hire just anyone to write for your blog. You need to find a writer who fits with your business brand, its mission, and the level of knowledge your blog provides. Of course, this writer also has to be able to fit in with your goals and get results.

Are content writers in demand?

Content writers are so much in demand because businesses now understand the importance of good content. Social media writing, news writing, SEO writing, blog writing, copyright, scriptwriting, so many options to choose to start your content writing career.

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How much do bloggers make per post?

Bloggers: $175 to $5,000+ per post with amplification on social channels (re-posting the content across other social platforms). Here are the going rates based on the blogger’s number of monthly impressions: 10,000 to 50,000 monthly blog impressions: $175 to $250 per post.

How long does it take to write a blog post?

Based on research from Orbit Media, it takes a blogger 3 hours and 21 minutes to write an average blog post of 1,151 words. Considering that blog posts of 2,000 or more words generate the most Google search traffic these days, that means a high-quality 2,000-word post would take at least 6 hours to write.

How do I prepare for content writing?

7 Easy Tips for Effective Content Writing

  1. Write a Head-Turning Headline. The headline determines whether audiences will read the rest of your work.
  2. Create a Hook That Grabs Their Attention.
  3. Do Your Research.
  4. Focus on a Single Purpose.
  5. Write in a Unique Voice.
  6. Optimize Digital Content.
  7. Edit Your Work.

How do I hire freelance content writers?

How hiring a Content Writer works

  1. Post a job. Tell us what you need done in seconds.
  2. Choose freelancers. Get your first bid in seconds and choose from the best.
  3. Track progress. Chat with your freelancer and review their work 24/7.
  4. Pay safely. Only pay when you’re completely satisfied.

How do I test a content writer?

5 Ideas For Writing Tests to Give Content Writers

  1. Writing Prompt. Create a sample task similar to the type of writing you expect.
  2. Create a Google Scavenger Hunt. If you’ll need writers to do web research, you’ll want to test their research skills.
  3. What’s Wrong With This?
  4. Fill In The Blank.
  5. Ask Writers to Rewrite Headlines.
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How do I outsource my blog content?

Question 6: What blogging tips should businesses consider when outsourcing blog writing?

  1. Don’t outsource until you have a strategy and editorial calendar in place.
  2. Have a budget; commit to it.
  3. Understand the long game of content marketing.
  4. Experiment and test content lengths, CTAs, headlines, etc.

How can I ghost write my blog?

Be flexible.

  1. Interview the person you’re ghostwriting for. The most important part of ghostwriting is understanding the material that you’re writing about.
  2. Make sure you understand the voice of the person you’re writing for.
  3. Find the themes.
  4. Be flexible.
  5. Main Ideas.
  6. Signature Words or Phrases.
  7. Data Points.
  8. Outline.

How do I find a ghostwriter for my blog?

Step 1: Find the ghostwriter. You can ask other bloggers if they’ve ever used a ghostwriter, and ask for referrals. You can make a post on your site, on freelance hubs, on sites like ProBlogger, or even just on Craigslist, and let them come to you.

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