British Writer Who Died On January 12 1976? (Correct answer)

Agatha Christie, in full Dame Agatha Mary Clarissa Christie, née Miller, (born September 15, 1890, Torquay, Devon, England—died January 12, 1976, Wallingford, Oxfordshire), English detective novelist and playwright whose books have sold more than 100 million copies and have been translated into some 100 languages.

How did Agatha Christie die?

Agatha’s health began to decline during the 1970s, and on 12 January 1976 she died from natural causes at her home in Oxfordshire. Agatha’s final novel, Sleeping Murder: Miss Marple’s Last Case, was published posthumously in October 1976.

What is Agatha Christie known for?

Today marks the 125th birthday of famed British novelist Agatha Christie, a pioneer of detective fiction best-known for creating enigmatic characters Hercule Poirot and Miss Marple along with suspenseful whodunits like “Murder on the Orient Express” and “The Mousetrap.” But even Christie’s less-publicized

What happened Agatha Christie?

She was found safe and well in a hotel in Harrogate, but in circumstances so strange that they raised more questions than they solved. Christie herself was unable to provide any clues to what had happened. They came to the conclusion that Agatha Christie had left home and travelled to London, crashing her car en route.

How much older was Agatha Christie than her second husband?

Agatha needed security in marriage, however, so she took care not to let her husband, thirteen years younger than she, stay alone and get into trouble with other women. She went on expeditions with him to Iraq and many other places in the Middle East to keep him company and write.

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What name was Christie using?

The Times reported that Christie had checked in to the Harrogate spa under the name “ Mrs. Tressa Neele.” When asked, Col.

How many short story collections did Agatha Christie wrote?

Agatha Christie was an English detective novelist and playwright. She wrote some 75 novels, including 66 detective novels and 14 short story collections.

What was Christie’s name before she married?

And Then There Were None is Christie’s best-selling novel, with 100 million sales to date, making it the world’s best-selling mystery ever, and one of the best-selling books of all time.

Where is Agatha Christie buried?

The reason for Agatha’s disappearance has been hotly contested over the years. Suggestions ranged from a nervous breakdown brought on by the death of her mother and embarrassment of her husband’s affair, to a cynical publicity stunt to promote the successful but still little known author.

What book did Agatha Christie wrote after her disappearance?

On Dec. 29, author Marie Benedict will attempt to reconcile the conundrum with her novel The Mystery of Mrs. Christie — written as a fictionalized diary from both Agatha and Archie’s points of view, the tome reimagines her disappearance.

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