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The rainbow poem?

What is the poem Rainbow about?

“The Rainbow” is a short poem by Christina Rossetti talking about the superior beauty of clouds and rainbows in comparison to ships and bridges, i.e. the superiority of nature over man-made creations. In the first half of the poem the comparison is between boats, ships and the flying clouds.

Who is the poet of Rainbow?

“My Heart Leaps Up”, also known as “The Rainbow“, is a poem by the British Romantic poet William Wordsworth.

What are the two prettiest things in the poem the rainbow?

Answer: “The Rainbow,” by Christina Rossetti, is a short poem about the beauty of the sky and connection to the heavens through a beautiful rainbow. The speaker says the two prettiest things are clouds and rainbows. Rainbow is another name for the ‘bow that bridges heaven.

What is the theme of the poem boats sail on the river?

Answer: In this poem she says that there is abig difference beetween God made things and manmade things. Boarts saill on river and ships sail on sea. The cloudes stay above the sea in the sky.It look prittier then the sea.

What is prettier than boats and ships?

A rainbow is prettier than boats, ships and clouds.

How do you feel when you see a rainbow express your feelings in the form of a song or a poem?

Express your feelings in the form of a song or a poem. Ans. Rainbow gives me the feeling of happiness. I also like this rainy weather because after rain sometimes rainbow appear in the sky and make the sky very beautiful.

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How does the speaker describe the rainbow?

Or let me die! The speaker’s response to the rainbow, he says, is that his heart “leaps up” for joy, when he sees (“beholds”) a rainbow in the sky. There’s the three stages of his life: child, man, and old man – all connected by the pleasure the speaker takes in a rainbow.

What is a rainbow shape?

Rainbows are actually full circles. The antisolar point is the center of the circle. Viewers in aircraft can sometimes see these circular rainbows. Viewers on the ground can only see the light reflected by raindrops above the horizon.

What is pink poem lesson plan?

What Is Pink? ‘ by Christina Rossetti reads as a simple poem that expresses colors, but on a much deeper level, this work shows similarity and beauty that can be achieved when granting things deeper considerations than just surface appearances and searching for positive aspects.

What is much prettier than the bridge on the river?

‘The Rainbow’ by Christina Rossetti speaks on the superior beauty of clouds and rainbows in comparison to ships and bridges. The rainbows, which can reach from the earth to the sky are far more beautiful than the simple bridges that go over rivers.

Is there a difference between a boat and a ship find out?

“Among sailing vessels, the distinction between ships and boats is that a ship is a square-rigged craft with at least three masts, and a boat isn’t. With regard to motorized craft, a ship is a large vessel intended for oceangoing or at least deep-water transport, and a boat is anything else.” Thus, it’s a ship.

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Where does a rainbow build a road from?

Answer. ✔It is said as an imagination, the rainbow along with its seven colours forms due to the refraction of light through the water droplets. Its one end touch the earth and its circular region lies between the clouds. Therefore, it is said that rainbow builds a road from earth to sky.

Where do the clouds sail L 1 the rainbow?

(b) And ships sail on the seas. (c) But clouds that sail across the sky. (d) Boats and ships are pretty, but clouds are prettier. (e) The ‘bow’ in the poem is the rainbow.

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