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The lanyard poem?

What is the poem the lanyard about?

In Billy Collins’s “The Lanyard,” a speaker remembers a small gift he made for his mother in summer camp. To the adult speaker, the lanyard seems a puny gift in comparison to the love he received from her.

What is the mood of the poem the lanyard by Billy Collins?

Collins is utilizing a humorous, wry tone to communicate that the thoughtlessness of youth has been replaced by a knowing perspective as an adult. Love your mother! In Billy Collinspoem “The Lanyard,” the speaker reflects on being a boy at camp and making a lanyard for his mother.

When was the lanyard written?

Billy Collins, “The Lanyard,” 2007 | Introduction to Literature.

Who wrote the lanyard?

The Lanyard by Billy Collins | Poetry Foundation.

What does the lanyard symbolize?

The red and white of the lanyard could be interpreted to represent the life the mother gave to the child: the red heart/blood and the white bones. With two clear eyes, the speaker would be able to “read the world” and perhaps notice the symbolism of images such as these.

What does lanyard mean?

1: a piece of rope or line for fastening something in a ship especially: one of the pieces passing through deadeyes to extend shrouds or stays. 2a: a cord or strap to hold something (such as a knife or a whistle) and usually worn around the neck.

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