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Quick Answer: Life for me ain t been no crystal stair poem?

What is the meaning of life for me Ain’t been no crystal stair?

The poem literally expands on the image of life as a staircase. She tells her son that “life for me ain’t me no crystal stair” (2) literally meaning that life is not like a smooth, clear crystal.

What does the poem’s speaker mean when she says that her life ain’t been no crystal stair which details in lines 1/7 of the poem explain her meaning as well as who she is?

What does the speaker mean when she says that “life for me ain’t been no crystal stair“? She meant that her life was not perfect. Life is not easy, but one should never give up.

What does the crystal staircase symbolize in the poem?

The mother contrasts this rough staircase with a crystal staircase, saying, “Life for me ain’t been no crystal stair.” The crystal staircase symbolizes an easy, affluent, and sparkling life that is out of reach for most black people, while the rickety staircase the mother speaks of symbolizes a difficult life.

What is the message of the poem mother to son?

Major Themes in “Mother to Son”: Hardships, hope, and courage are some of the major themes of the poem. The poem explores the dignity and determination of a person when facing problems. The speaker compares her life to a ragged staircase and conjures up an idea that one should not give up.

What is a crystal stair in mother to son?

The speaker gives her son advice about how to improve his lot in a racist society through an extended metaphor about climbing a set of stairs. While white people can climb up a “crystal stair”—meaning they enjoy a smooth and easy ascent—black people are forced to take a dangerous and dark staircase.

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What does tack mean?

transitive verb. 1: attach tack on some sequins for pizzazz especially: to fasten or affix with tacks tack a notice to a pole tacking down a stairway carpet. 2: to join or add in a slight or hasty manner —usually used with on or onto … the upbeat ending, tacked on to a book that cries out for a tragic one.—

What do the mother’s words I se still goin and i’se still Climbin tell us about her attitude?

She continues to fight despite the struggles and difficulties. What do the mother’s wordsI’se still goin‘” and “I’se still climbin‘” tell us about her attitude? She has goals. In Lines 3 through 7, the mother describes the difficulty of her journey.

Who is the audience in mother to son?

Who is the audience in this poem? The mother is speaking to her son.

What is the central metaphor utilized in the poem?

What is the central metaphor utilized in the poem? The narrator describes a laborious climb up a decrepit staircase, a figurative depiction of her ongoing struggles in life. The narrator compares a crystal staircase to her own life, symbolic of her own goals and the struggle towards them.

What does the image of a crystal stair suggest?

A crystal stair represents an easy and pleasant journey through life, she is telling her son that her life had not been that easy and pleasant. List some images that the word crystal brings to your mind. That her life in contrast a crystal stair had been rough, uncomfortable and confusing.

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What point of view is mother to son?

Mother to Son” is a poem written from the point of view of a mother talking to her son. She begins by telling the son that life is not a crystal stair, that it has tacks and splinters, and all the boards are torn up and it doesn’t even have carpet in some places.

What does turning corners mean in mother to son?

In this stanza the mother tells her son that despite all the difficulties, she has been climbing up the metaphorical staircase of life. Here ‘turnin’ corners‘ and ‘going in the dark’ represents the fear and doubts that one has during times of uncertainty.

What does Kinder hard mean?

hard. characterized by effort to the point of exhaustion. ‘Cause you finds it’s kinder hard. climb. go upward with gradual or continuous progress.

What does splinters and tacks represent?

They both represent a mother’s pain and sufferings in her life being conveyed to her son. Explanation: In the poem, “Mother to Son”, the inference of the words splinters and tacks are trying to mean the hardships and rough spots in the life of the mother that she encountered always.

Which is the most interesting phrase in the poem mother to son why?

Answer: “Life for me ain’t crystal stair” is the most interesting phrase of the poemMother to son“. Explanation: Langston Hughes is the author of the poemMother to son” who is a “famous American poet and columnist”.

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