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FAQ: Lochinvar poem meaning?

Lochinvar is a ballad about romance and courage penned by Sir Walter Scott. The poem starts with the introduction of the protagonist by the name of Lochinvar. He is a courageous knight and undeterred romantic. He is described as the dawning of the sun (from the west).

What is the poem Lochinvar about?

Lochinvar is a brave knight who arrives unannounced at the bridal feast of Ellen, his beloved, who is about to be married to “a laggard in love and a dastard in war.” Lochinvar claims one dance with the bride and dances her out the door, swooping her up onto his horse, and they ride off together into the unknown.

What does Lochinvar mean?

The name Lochinvar is from Scots Gaelic Loch a’ bharra (older Gaelic Loch an bharra, the genitive of barr = summit) meaning “Loch on the hilltop”.

What type of poem is Lochinvar?

Lochinvar” is a balled with eight six line stanzas. The lines are in iambic tetrameter and are arranged in heroic couplets, three couplets per stanza. While the last couplet in each stanza always share the same rhyme and end with “Lochinvar,” there appears to be no other organized rhyme scheme across the stanzas.

What does Lochinvar say about love?

Heroic in love:he was so heroic in love that he challenged all the relatives that of groom and bride to catch him (and the bride) if they could and he declared that ellen was is and when love reaches its full bloom no one can stop it.

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What was the conflict in Lochinvar?

In the poem, Lochinvar is shown in a conflict. The conflict is that he is in love with a girl named Ellen. He wanted to marry Ellen. And for this, he went to Ellen’s father also, to request him to let him marry his daughter.

Where is Lochinvar from?

Lochinvar is a brave young knight who sets out from West Scotland. He has the best horse in the country, is faithful in love, fearless in war and except his good broadsword he has no weapons.

Why was Lochinvar at Netherby Hall?

Answer: Lochinvar was hurrying to reach nether by hall as the wedding for Lochinvar’s love – Ellen was happening at Netherby Hall. His purpose was to stop that wedding but not to make a mess. He wanted to tell his feelings to his lover before she gets married.

How do you spell Lochinvar?


  1. 1A male eloper; a heroic or daring male lover. Frequently in “young Lochinvar“.
  2. 2Australian informal, rare A man who abducts an Australian Aboriginal woman.

Does AO Smith own Lochinvar?

by Lochinvar Marketing Dept.

Lochinvar Corporation announces that is has signed a definitive agreement to be acquired by A. O. Smith Corporation.

What is the climax of Lochinvar?

1 Expert Answer

The climax of the poem is paragraph 4 where the bride concedes to marry Lochinvar when, “She look’d down to blush, and she look’d up to sigh, The poem begins by defining the character of Lochinvar and exposing the triumphs and shortcomings of the valiant knight.

What is the ending of the poem Lochinvar?

Answer: Towards the end Lochinvar escaped the wedding hall with the bride Ellen.

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How did Lochinvar win his bride?

Ellen agreed to marry another person so Lochinvar came to won his love. He assured Ellen and his family that he came here to celebrate Ellen’s marriage celebration. After some time Ellen offered a glass of wine to him, he drunk and threw the glass with anger. Later Lochinvar offered her a final dance and she agreed.

What qualities do you admire in Lochinvar?

Exp. What qualities do you admire in Lochinvar? Ans.: — Brave, courageous — Rode alone unarmed — Faithful in love — dauntless in war.

What qualities of the bridegroom are listed in the poem Lochinvar?

Answer. Answer: He was a ‘laggard in love’, so timid that he couldn’t even express his love to Ellen, and was a ‘dastard in war’, i.e., cowardly and hardly any competition to brave Lochinvar.

What answer did Lochinvar give the bride’s father?

What answer did Lochinvar give the bride’s father? Answer: Lochinvar replied that he had wooed Ellen for a long time, and when he had asked Ellen’s father for permission to marry her, he had been denied permission.

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