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Readers ask: I am the land i wait poem?

What is the message of the poem I am the land?

“I Am The Land” is a short poem in which the poet has personified land and it underlines the fact that man tries to dominate land, though he doesn’t own it. He takes pride in possessing the land, buys and sells it. The poem ends with a thought-provoking stanza that questions ‘Can you fence the planet earth?’

What is it that angers the speaker in the poem I am the land I wait?

I Wait” what angers the speaker is the prospect of being chained and fenced. “I Am the Land. I Wait” is a short poem written by author Marina Da Bellagente. In the poem, the author personified the land to underline how the man is constantly trying to dominate the land, although he doesn’t own it.

How can you say that the land has patience in the poem I am the land?

Answer: The patience of the earth is highlighted with the repetition of the word “wait” five times in the poem. Though the man exploits the land, the earth patiently tolerates man’s deeds. Here the Earth exhibits her patients which is unchallengeable.

How does the poet Marina de Bellagente express the feeling of the land?

The poet personifies the land and the poet expresses the feeling of the land by being the land. The poet states that being the land she tolerates so many things just like a mother. The land’s patience is stressed with the word ‘wait’ that is repeated several times.

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Who is the speaker in the poem I am the land?

Ans.: In the poem, I am the land the poet depicts the mother earth as the speaker. Mother earth tells that she waits with patience when people claim that the land belongs to them. They occupy the land, plough, plant trees, grow fruits and grass. The children dance and play on the land.

Why is the poet querulous What does he want to do?

Why is the poetquerulous‘? What does he want to do? Answer: The poet wanted to sing about the achievements and progress made by the countrymen.

Which of the following most effectively conveys the development of the mother as a character in Borders *?

The dialogue of others and the Narrative description conveys the development of the character mother in Borders.

How does the poet describe that the Earth has an ocean of patience in the poem I am the land?

Answer: In the poem, ” I am the land“, the poet describes the Earth as an ocean of patience. The land feels happy when nature takes its course and greenery grows or children play around on it. The poet makes the land sound more realistic as he uses personification.

What does the phrase car lot eyes stare suggest?

The phraseCar lot eyes” emphasizes that the earth is staring at the people using the light from the cars. Since the planet does not have light on its own, the author perceives that the Earth uses the light of the parked cars.

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How does the poet portray the positive side of India in the poem The Song of India?

The poet was answered by a wonderful vision. A vision of new and bright future. In the vision he saw the mother (motherland) rise gloriously against the blue sky. The three milky – white oceans, ie., the Arabian sea, Bay of Bengal and the Indian Ocean, rose and fell with steady powerful motions.

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