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Question: The toys poem?

SUMMARY OF THE POEM “TOYS” INTRODUTION OF POET: The Toys in one of the beautiful poems composed by Conventr y Patmore. Conventry Patmore was born in London in 1823. He had a religious bend of mind deeply associated with the everyday happenings of life. His publication s are The Angel in the House and The Un nown Eros and Other Odes.

What message does Coventry Patmore give us in the poem the toys?

How did he convey? The poetCoventry Patmoregave us the message of God’s mercy and His forgiveness. He explained the fatherly relationship of God to a man. He enlightened that God always shows His pity and mercy on His mankind in spite of all sort of disobedience.

How many times does the son disobey the father in the poem the toys?

The son disobeyed his father seven times.

Who is the poet of the poem the toys?

Coventry Patmore was born in the year 1823 and he died in 1896. He was a famous poet and a critic. He was a religious man and his poems establish his religious beliefs. The poem The Toys, talks about a father’s love to his son and about the fatherly relation of God to man.

How did the little child get himself consoled in the poem the toys?

The child was much grieved. He left his father and went to bed. The child deserved sympathy as his mother had died due to some disease. In these lines the poet tells us how the child consoled himself in his grief after the punishment.

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What religious lesson does the poem the toys convey?

What religious idea does the poem “The Toysconvey to its readers? The religious idea presented in the poem is that God is benevolent and merciful Who forgives man despite his disobedience. It is the Christian belief that God is the father of all men.

What is the symbolic significance of the toys?

What is the symbolic significance of the toys? Answer: The symbolic significance of the toys is that they represent our pleasures. While children find pleasure in simple toys, grownups find pleasure in some undesirable and sinful acts.

Why is Lucy Gray believed to be a living child even after her death?

Lucy had become immortal because after her death the people began to believe that she was still a living child who could be seen alone at the break of the day only those who had the deep concern with natural beauty. She was seen by singing a solitary song in the moor, walking rough and smooth and never looked behind.

What is the substance of the poem the toys?

Answer: The poem Toys is very symbolic in its setting. Even although the poet describes of his little son, from a wider perspective, the poem motivates the ‘comfort’ man recourses to, when reproves him.

What is the poet’s dream in the summer garden?

As it is near the Summer Palace of Peter the Great, it has got its name as “Summer Garden”. The Poet’s wish about the garden: The poet wishes to see roses in that garden where the best of the Walls rise up in the world.

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Why does the poet says death is not the end of life?

The poet suggests that death is not supreme and that there are forces that death is but a ‘slave to fate, chance, kings and desperate men. Desperate men are those who decide to take their own lives in order to flee from the world suffering.

What is the writer name of laugh and be merry?

Laugh and Be Merry is a poem written by the English poet John Masefield. In this poem, the poet wants us to be cheerful and enjoy our life to the fullest.

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