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Often asked: A happy child poem?

What is the child in the poem happy?

Why is the child in the poem happy? Answer: The child is happy because she can now talk and play with the sky, sun, winds, birds, trees, grass and bees.

Who wrote the poem a happy child?

Poem: A Happy Child by Kate Greenaway.

What does the happy child do in the house?

Answer: Thhey do what they want actually. In thus era, the children mainly play games or else watch TV when they are in the house.

Why did the flower love the little children?

Answer: The flowers loved the children because the little children used to take care of them. They used to water their thirsty roots and dig the ground well.

What does the child in the poem?

What does the child in the poem think about his drawing? Answer: He thinks whether his drawing will be as good as his classmates.

What is the Colour of happy child House?


• What is the colour of the happy child’s house? Red
• What is the colour of your house? Blue
• What is the colour of the tree? Green
• What is the colour of the sun? Yellow

Does the happy child cry?

Summary In English

This is the poem of a child who lives in a little red-coloured house. The child always remains happy. She laughs and play for the whole day. She never cries.

What gives shade to the happy child from the sun?

Answer. Answer: tree give shade to the happy child from the sun.

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Do you like to have a bath say why?

Yes, I like to take bath because it keeps me clean and healthy. Yes, I can take bath by myself. I dry myself with a soft towel. Yes, I have seen a dog drying itself.

Why are the poet and the child happy?

The child in the poem is happy because it is morning now and the night has been over.

What does the father and mother do to make the home a happier place?

Do your chores.

Your parents care about the way your home looks, and being active in helping them maintain that home will make them happy. It will also help keep peace in your home. This will also impact your parents well-being. Do your chores without being asked to.

Why did the child go with the puppy?

Why did the child go with the Puppy? Answer: The child went with the puppy because the puppy was going up the hills to roll and play and the kid too wanted to play.

What did Grandmother and Mohini draw first?

Answer: Grandmother and Mohini drew a circle at first. Question 2: What were the colours of the balloons that Mohini drew?

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