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Has Forrest Fenn treasure been found?

Hidden Treasure Chest Filled With Gold And Gems Is Found In Rocky Mountains. Fenn announced in June that the treasure had been found — but he wouldn’t say where exactly it was found or who found it.

Who found Fenn’s treasure in the Rocky Mountains?

Jack Stuef, 32, a medical student from Michigan, located a stash of gold nuggets, gemstones and pre-Columbian artifacts that had been hidden by the art dealer Forrest Fenn as part of a treasure hunt.

What has been found in the Rocky Mountains after a decade long hunt?

Jack Stuef, a 32-year-old Michigan native, writer and med student, found the chest full of gold, jewelry and other valuables, beating out the thousands of other treasure hunters who searched over the years. The search ended in June, more than a decade after late antiquities dealer Forrest Fenn hid the treasure.

Where was Forrest Fenn’s treasure found Reddit?

He revealed today that the treasure was hidden in the state of Wyoming.

Why did Forrest Fenn hide his treasure?

In 1988, Fenn was diagnosed with cancer and given a prognosis that it was likely terminal. This inspired him to hide a treasure chest in an outdoor location with the purpose of creating a public search for it.


Forrest Fenn
Nationality American
Occupation Combat pilot art dealer author

How did Forrest Fenn die?

He was 90. (CNN) Forrest Fenn, whose 10-year treasure hunt inspired thousands of people to explore out West, has died, police confirmed to CNN. He was 90. Fenn died of apparent natural causes at his home in New Mexico, Santa Fe Police Deputy Chief Ben Valdez said.

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Did they ever find Confederate gold in Lake Michigan?

During season one, Muskegon-based treasure hunters Kevin Dykstra, Brad Richards and others sought Lagina to fund the hunt for the cache of Civil War gold they believe originated with Confederate President Jefferson Davis and eventually found its way to the bottom of Lake Michigan.

Who finally found the treasure What was it?

Forrest Fenn, an 89-year-old art dealer, author and Vietnam veteran who hid the treasure, confirmed to the Santa Fe New Mexican, Money Magazine and the TODAY Show on Sunday that an individual located the loot just a few days ago.

What was in Fenn’s treasure?

A decade ago, Fenn hid his treasure chest, containing gold and other valuables estimated to be worth at least a million dollars, somewhere in the Rocky Mountains. Fenn had been targeted by lawsuits both before and after the chest was found, by hunters claiming that the treasure was rightfully theirs.

What treasure chest was found in the Rocky Mountains?

Wealthy New Mexico antiquities dealer Forrest Fenn filled a bronze chest with more than $1 million in gold, jewels and other valuables and hid it somewhere in the Rocky Mountains, leaving nothing but a cryptic poem he wrote in 2010 as a clue on how to find it.

How many people died looking Forrest Fenn’s treasure?

Forrest Fenn’s treasure chest hidden in Rocky Mountains has finally been found. Four people died searching for it.

What is the blaze Forrest Fenn?

Well, Forrest has said that it’s, for all intents and purposes, a single object. And, that it wouldn’t be feasible for someone to remove. This actually tells us a lot. Most people assume that the blaze is a trail-blaze, like a mark on a tree. So, people have been looking for an F carved into a tree along a trail.

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