Readers ask: Spider-man, Iron Man, And Thor Are All Co-creations Of Which Iconic Writer?

Stan Lee (born Stanley Martin Lieber /ˈliːbər/; December 28, 1922 – November 12, 2018) was an American comic book writer, editor, publisher, and producer.

Who created Spider-Man?

Writer Stan Lee and illustrator Steve Ditko created Spider-Man as a filler story for a canceled anthology series. At the time, a teenage lead hero was unheard of in comic books.

Who created all the Marvel characters?

Stan Lee: Marvel Characters He Created | Time.

Who wrote Iron Man?

Thor, American comic strip superhero created for Marvel Comics by writer Stan Lee and artist Jack Kirby. The character, derived from the Germanic god of the same name, first appeared in Journey into Mystery no. 83 (August 1962).

How old is Peter Parker now?

Using the three-to-one rule, that would mean roughly 16 years have passed, making him currently 33 years old.

Why is Spider-Man so iconic?

People say that Spider Man is a popular hero because he’s relatable, and he is a well-rounded hero who is a strong street level hero, but not an overpowering force of nature like the Hulk, Thor, or even Iron Man.

What makes Spider-Man unique?

Yet, despite all the challenges he faces Spider-Man is always committed to helping others and often puts his personal life at risk to do so. Spider-Man’s determination and resilience makes him an amazing superhero: despite the numerous setbacks that he is forced to face, Spider-Man never backs down from a challenge.

Which comics did Stan Lee write?

Stan Lee co-created Iron Man, the Hulk, the X-Men, and other Marvel Comics superheroes who’ve thrilled movie audiences and become pop-culture icons.

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Who writes Marvel?

Stan Lee, original name Stanley Martin Lieber, (born December 28, 1922, New York, New York, U.S.—died November 12, 2018, Los Angeles, California), American comic book writer best known for his work with Marvel Comics.

Who created Loki?

Spider-Man ( Peter Parker ) | Characters | Marvel.

Who wrote Iron Man 2?

Dr. Bruce Banner lives a life caught between the soft-spoken scientist he’s always been and the uncontrollable green monster powered by his rage. Exposed to heavy doses of gamma radiation, scientist Bruce Banner transforms into the mean, green rage machine called the Hulk.

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