Often asked: Who Is Song Writer F. Zamboa?

Jordan Katembula (born 1978) known professionally as JK, is a Zambian singer, songwriter and record producer. He is regarded as one of the pioneers of Zambian music and the R B genre in Zambia.

Jordan Katembula.

Birth name Jordan Katembula
Also known as JK
Born Ndola, Zambia
Genres RnB, Pop,


How old is just slim?

Slapdee becomes Zambia’s best selling artist, Chef goes savage on Twitter, Muzo AKA working on Masterpiece. This Week In Music™ is brought to you by Zambezi Juice.

How old is Jordan Katembula?

Christian Miller (born September 14, 1994), known more commonly online as Mr. Fruit or ABowloFruit, is a YouTube personality.

How old is Adam Saleh?

28 years (June 4, 1993) /: How old is Adam Saleh?

Who is best singer in Zambia? Top 10 Elite And Upcoming Zambia Musicians You Should Be

  • #1. Slap Dee. Slap Dee.
  • #2. Kay Figo. Cynthia Kayula Bwalya, aka Kay Figo.
  • #3. Jay Rox. Jay Rox.
  • #6. Mampi. Mampi.
  • #7. B Flow. Zambia Musician B-Flow.
  • #9. K’Millian. Zambia musician K’Millian.
  • #10. Angela Nyirenda. Angela Nyirenda.
  • #1. Wacheda.

Who is the richest musician in Zambia 2020?

Who is a richest musician in Zambia 2020? Hip-hop musician Mark Mulaza Kaira, otherwise well known by the stage name Macky 2 is currently the richest musician in Zambia today worth K1. 5,000,000 million (Kwacha).

Who is the richest in Zambia 2020?

As the richest man in Zambia, Hakainde Hichilema net worth is $389 million in 2021.

How old is Danny Kaya?

Zambian musician Danny Kaya, real names Daniel Siulapwa was born on February 18, 1979, Danny was partially brought up in the Northern town of Zambia, Kasama and attained secondary education in Mpika. He has however lived his life in Zambia’s capital Lusaka.

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Who is Jordan Lusaka?

Jordan Lusaka is a Zambian poet who has just taken part in an exchange program in the United Kingdom. He speaks about his experience at the program, and how he is working with British Council Zambia.

How old is Rhabby_V?

Robert Vanegas ( born October 24, 1994 ), also known online as Rhabby_V, is a Twitch streamer, gaining a following through that platform, as well as through being a part of Mr. Fruit’s Dream Team.

Is Mr fruit Australian?

Fruit was born and lived in Las Vegas, Nevada for five years until he moved to Jacksonville, Florida, where he began developing early relationships and his current love for video games. After approximately another five years, he would move again, to Colorado.

Where is slim Albaher from?

Sulieman Albaher was born on July 15, 1994, in Brooklyn, New York City, New York. His parents are from Yemen. Even though Slim was born in America, he says that his country is Yemen and he likes to represents Yemen. Slim has three brothers named Khaled Albaher, Hamzah Albaher, and Tarek Albaher.

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