Often asked: How Do You Add More Than One Blog To Live Writer?

To setup Live Writer,

  1. Open Live Writer.
  2. From the Blogs menu, select Add blog account.
  3. Select Other blog service.
  4. Click Next.
  5. Identify your blog’s Web address within the community.
  6. Enter the blog address in the Web address of your blog text box of the Add a blog account dialog box.

Is it possible to run 2 blogs?

Instead, you can create multiple blogs that will have an appropriate place for them. One site cannot cover everything without compromising credibility. Thus, you may avoid it by managing multiple blogs that tackle different niches. You can apply the same to your blog.

How do I run multiple blogs?

Whether your blogs are personal, professional, or written for clients, here are 10 tips for managing multiple blogs at once.

  1. Prioritize before the Week Begins.
  2. Update Regularly.
  3. Schedule Blog Posts.
  4. Add Pictures.
  5. Schedule Recurring Events.
  6. Guest Posts.
  7. Use Forums for Ideas.
  8. Allow For User Feedback.

Can you have multiple blogs on one website?

In other words, you would NOT add a link your blog in the menu; instead, you would add menu links for each category. This would enable your visitors to click on a category (a.k.a. theme, subject matter, topic, etc.) and view an archive page containing all the posts within that specific category.

Can I have two blogs on my WordPress site?

You Can’t Have Multiple Blogs. At least, not by default. The way that the WordPress Core is set up, each installation is an individual site. It has one database with one set of users tied to it.

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How do I create multiple blogs on Blogger?

You can set up multiple blogs through your existing Blogger account by going to your Blogger dashboard. Click the text that reads “Create a Blog.” Enter the title of your new blog, create a blog address and select a template. You can manage each of the blogs using the Blogger dashboard feature.

Can I write blog on different topics?

If you are planning to create a personal blog in which you write about many different topics, then this is fine, as money is not the primary reason you are blogging. However, if you are creating a blog from which you wish to earn an income, a multi-topic/multi-niche blog is a bad idea.

How do you add another blog on WordPress?

You can simply go to and create a new blog with a new URL:) Then go to, click “Menus”, choose menu of your choice and add a new menu item in your menu bar that links directly to the different post categories.

How do I add multiple blogs to Shopify?

I discovered this to be the best way around this annoying issue:

  1. Go to Customize Store.
  2. Select “Add Section” then “Image with text”
  3. Select an image for your blog.
  4. Insert blog title in Heading and blog excerpt in Text.
  5. Insert “Read” or “Continue reading” in Button label.

How many blogs can you have on Blogger?

Number of Blogs: You can create or have not more than 100 blogs per account which is more than enough for a single account.

How do I create a blog with multiple topics?

Here are 3 things you can do when you want to blog about more than one topic.

  1. Find a way to combine the topics in a way that makes sense.
  2. Find a core purpose of your blog that each topic will relate to.
  3. Make your blog similar to a magazine set up with different contributors.
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Can you have more than one blog on Wix?

Currently, having more than one Wix Blog on your site is not supported. We are always working to update and improve our products, and your feedback is hugely appreciated. If this is a feature you would like to see in the future, please click Vote for this feature and we’ll make sure to keep you updated.

How many blogs can you have on WordPress?

As many as you want, need, or desire — no limits. You may also notice that when you’re logged in the homepage gives you a link to the admin section of all blogs that you have access to. You can now manage all the blogs you want with a single login and user for all of them.

How many blogs should I have?

2-5 blogs a week. You should have enough time to produce engaging content, but also enough content to ensure your site remains authoritative. This type of schedule should definitely send some really good QDF signals to Google (always a plus) whilst making sure your writers don’t collapse from being overworked. Perfect!

How do I create a second WordPress website?

Adding sites manually

  1. Open WordPress.
  2. From the top menu, select ‘My Sites > Network Admin > Sites’.
  3. On the next page, click the Add New button.
  4. Enter the following fields: Site Address – The subdirectory the virtual site is created under. Site Title – The new administrator can change this later.
  5. Click Add Site.

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